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You may have heard in Episode 36 that Tom is putting some of his 'Man Skills ' to good use and taking part in the Three Peaks Challenge. We at Anywhere But Here would be gratefull if you could donate any amount of money you may be able to spare to show your support.

Just click on the image above to donate.

All money donated will be put to good use by Kent Air Ambulance.

11 Responses

  1. Tom Austin-Morgan

    Sorry, it’s been ages! Copyright issue there methinks!

  2. Jo

    As you’re on youtube, are you able to play Public Service ads? I know a good ‘Charley Says…’ DVD…

  3. Jo

    Next time you have Ben as your guest, can you perhaps talk to him more about his photography please? X

  4. Tom Austin-Morgan

    You’re very kind!

  5. Jo

    Why bother paying for a tv licence when you could just listen to ABH Podcasts?! Is there a way of perhaps transferring them to CD? X

  6. Tom Austin-Morgan

    Thanks for the reminder! I’ll have to use that in a future episode. Shit story ahoy!

  7. Tom Austin-Morgan

    Probably a good idea, that! Thank you for the nice comment.

  8. Jo

    Just thought I’d post a suggestion, as Tom has a particularly hilarious story about a workman with a very strange line of questioning… Would quite like to hear this re-told via the next podcast! X

  9. Jo

    Loved episode 9; the anecdotal shows are always the better ones. Perhaps steer away from religiousness for the next one! X

  10. Tom Austin-Morgan

    Why thank you! And you were part of it!

  11. jake

    Love the banter!

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