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Anywhere But Here Podcast 89: Girls, Girls, Girls

Ant and Tom stumble upon a theme for this week's show without even trying! After the intro and a story about how to keep out the giant spiders that are reportedly invading the UK after a long and warm Summer.

The theme is (if you hadn't guessed from the title) girls. This is a bumper edition of taking the piss out of all of our favourite scapegoats on the internet. Josie Cunningham has been tricked into having sex - and consequentially a baby - with a man claiming to be Premiereship footballer Curtis Davies for the last 18 months. Turns out he wasn't and despite EVERYONE telling her he was a conman she is distraught.

Second up, Ant highlights the fact Tulisa Contostavlos has had surgery that makes her look like the cocaine allegations really did take their toll. Another story broke last week where a girl calling herself Jasmine Tridevil had a 3rd boob surgically implanted to make her less attractive to men. This looked like the beginning of another great fame-hungry scapegoat for the show, but this story was debunked by another podcast, known for their debunking of internet myths who join Ant and Tom to put them straight on the subject.

We leave on a lighter note with a story from Australia, which could be completely made up, about a pig that drank a crate of beer left unattended by campers and proceeded to attack a cow. It might be complete guff, but it's damn entertaining!

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