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Anywhere But Here Podcast 87: Governments, Guardians & Gross Fat Shaming

This week's podcast features a lot of talk about comics and films. But, before this, Ant and Tom tackle the Scottish referendum and why the vote eventually turned against Scotland leaving the UK and how awkward it must be in UK politics now.

Doctor Who makes a 'fuckety-bye' style line that half interests Tom into wanting to watch it... almost.

Ant finally got round to seeing Guardians of the Galaxy and the boys have a (hopefully) spoiler free chat about the film and what they really think about it and the Marvel films in general. Also in comic book film news: Deadpool has been given a release date, which Tom is very excited about, but is also scared about it being toned down to a 12A rather than an 18, as it should be. They also discuss the career enhancing opportunities it could have on Ryan Reynolds' career if he reprises the role.

Fan art was released after rumours of who will play Doctor Steven Strange in the - also rumoured - upcoming film. The best of these (and the strongest rumour) was one depicting Joaquin Phoenix with the trademark hairstyle and goatee, find the picture in the links below. A less convincing one was of Benedict Cumberbatch that just looked like an old Christopher Lee Hammer Horror poster.

Ant brings a story from a listener about Katie Hopkins, a recurring figure of hate, who has put on 4 stone to prove to fat people they can get thin if they stop eating and start exercising. She gets her fat shaming words thrown back at her from a comedian on the panel show, Celebrity Juice, check the video out below. And Tom brings a story about a local council who plan to spend £12,000 on a Hollywood style sign to put on a hill next to a motorway so people will know exactly where Medway is.

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