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Anywhere But Here Podcast 85: The Fappening

Lots happened in this week, meaning we have a podcast bursting at the seams with stuff to entertain and disgust you in equal measure!

Ant and Tom start the show by talking about Netflix and gaming, with Tom managing to find the old X-Men cartoon series and Ant rejoicing that Red Vs. Blue is on there too. Tom had a lot of time to watch Netflix and play games this week as he goes into detail explaining why he was at home this week. Ant is looking forward to playing the end of The Last of Us before his copy of Destiny arrives later this week.

Tom talks about the King family and their international struggle to get their ill child the right treatment that has been denied them by the NHS. Ant talks about a man, in London, who decapitated and old lady while trying to kill cats that had 'stolen his lighter'. Just say no, kids! Tom regales the crazy ranting of a man who got spurned on Tinder and an Alabama man who was caught by his wife having sex with their farm animals.

The main story this week are 'The Fappening', the leaking of certain celebrities private pictures... mostly nude... onto the internet, which is definitely not due to Apple being hacked and totally all about the fact hackers are good at guessing people's passwords.

Finally, the English Defence League has been  demonstrating outside the Rotherham police station about the abuse scandal. Andy Edge is on hunger strike, and has been for 10 days! What's his secret? BBQs... and sneaky sandwiches... and fry ups. They are horrible grief hawks and you need to read this article ( about 'the on-going struggle of the EDL over the corrupt pigs'... or not!

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