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Anywhere But Here Podcast 80: All Filler, No Killer

This week Ant and Tom talk about things they've been meaning to get to for a couple of weeks now. After some honourable mentions to people who have suggested topics including Operation Yewtree - which we aren't touching on... I mean, wouldn't touch with a barge pole... errr, yeah.

However, they do discuss the Chinese city that was quarantined after a man died of bubonic plague and the tragedy of the Malaysian Airline plane shot down in the Ukraine and whether there's some sort of link between this one, the last on and the Algerian Airlines plane that also went missing and crashed in Mali.

Tom tells the dramatic conclusion of his 3 Peaks story, which if you don't know the context of go and listen to Episode 39 and all will become clear. Ant tells more tales of the dangers of going out in Medway from when UB40 played in Rochester, recently during a storm that cut the set short only for the band to come back out an hour later to scenes of chaos.

The show ends with some of the most stupid questions ever asked of the internet, including a 17-year-old girl who pretender to be dead and has no idea what to do now she's convinced some other kids at a party that she is dead and locked in their cupboard! Send us stupid stories and questions asked on the internet for us to laugh at to, the Facebook group or @abhpod on twitter.

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