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Anywhere But Here Podcast 79: Bright Eyes!

On this weeks episode of the podcast Ant and Tom catch up on what they've been up to in the past couple of weeks including playing Destiny, building the ABH Pod Pod.

Nights out are also discussed, including the standard concept (it seems) of taking a dump on the floor and unprovoked violence. This leads on to a discussion about a local bar worker both Ant and Tom know, Lex Giggs, who was beaten up outside her place of work for no discernible reason.

This is the podcast of segues with such topics as nights out leading to homophobic attacks to the Commonwealth Games and 'THAT' kiss. Also discussed is the Dawn of Justice leaked Trailer ( from Comic Con, which the guys geek out on and Spider-Man gets arrested!

Take a look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman ( and see if you prefer the official version of the colourised version, let us know!

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