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Anywhere But Here Podcast 66: The ABH Guide to Talking Good

This week, Ant and Tom talk mainly about linguistics and speech in this episode.

After a brief bit of news about bad journalism in stories about Michael Schumacher's condition and an article advertising the iPhone 6 even though the entire article was conjecture! Tom launches into a tirade against UKIP after one of their politicians said that Lenny Henry should go and live in a "black country" and that "Islam is like the 3rd Reich". Which leads to an elongated tangent on politics and the fact people should be more in tune with the manifestos of parties.

A listener's question about the 'correct' usage of "proper fucked" is answered and then over-answered so that confusion reigns. This leads on to the answering of a question posed on Nerd Church's latest episode in which they featured British actors doing great American accents. Ant and Tom tried to find U.S. actors doing good English accents... and failed. So we hear Gwyneth Paltrow, Renee Zellweger, Dick Van Dyke and Keanu Reeves attempting various British accents - mainly posh.

To balance things out we play clips from The Departed and Tracker where Ray Winstone can't do an American accent, but bizarrely can do a South African one!

A new game is birthed where the guys read out famous quotes and tongue twisters through an app called Speech Jammer. The results are hilarious, so please send us recordings of you reading with the app on and you will appear on the next show!

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