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Anywhere But Here Podcast 65: Constipation, Killer Rhea & Crucifixion

In this week's episode Ant and Tom are back for the first time in what is hoped to be a continual run of 'live' Sunday shows.

In the first half of the show the boys comment on the goings on with listener participation and whet they've been up to; Tom has been recording a new show, which will come out soon, and getting out of work to escort Jo to a dentist in London. Ant took his family to Legoland for Chloe's birthday... as well as for Ant's own personal gratification!

Lots of depressing news this week including the Oscar Pistorius trial the sinking of a ferry in the China Sea, the death of Peaches Geldof, an Iranian woman whose son was killed prevents the man who murdered him from being hanged. In other news, an Indian businessman had 12 bars of gold removed from his stomach after complaining of constipation. News from closer to home, Hertfordshire to be precise, where a runaway Rhea (a South American Emu-type bird) has been on the loose and could disembowel you if you tried to capture it... so don't try!

As it's Easter weekend, Tom decides to reveal why Good Friday is called that, thanks to a question by film director Jon Favreau and Ant talks about why Easter is celebrated at different times of the year and the etymology of the word Easter. Tom closes out on the review of a biblical epic; Darren Arononofsky's 'Noah'.

Here's the video of the crucifixion re-enactment in the Philippines, if you can take it!

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