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Anywhere But Here Podcast 61: Stinking Pause, Part 2

This is the second episode of Ant and Tom's conversation with Scot and Charlie from the Stinking Pause Podcast.

Tom talks about being abducted while on a job interview on St. Patrick's Day and forced to sell things door-to-door when all he wanted to do was go to the pub. Scott tells us about his interview for a management position in an Ann Summers shop, which wasn't as great as you would imagine!

We get to hear the origin of the Stinking Pause Podcast with Scott being inspired by shoddily recorded Dr. Who fan shows and Charlie listening to the Ricky Gervais XFM podcasts.

We find out what everyone's favourite films are which, somehow leads on to suffragettes being trampled by the King's horse at a race back in the 1930s.

Jim from Swanscombe writes in to give his thoughts on Anywhere But Here, which are greatly received!

Stand-up comedians like Alan Carr, Men In Coats, Jimmy Carr and Ricky Gervais are discussed which leads on to the unveiling of Tom's dark family secret!

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