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Anywhere But Here Podcast 56: Concerts, Coming Out & Copyright Infringement

Ant and Tom congratulate Ellen Page for coming out at and equal right campaign event in Las Vegas this week and discuss her status as a role model and what it could mean for her career.

The boys have both been to gigs this week; Ant went to see Zebrahead, Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish and Tom went to see Frank Turner supported by Beans On Toast and Flogging Molly. They admit to the fact they're getting old, stating that they just wanted to sit down in the stands with a beer rather than be in the heart of the crowd. Bizarrely, the conversation moves from music to getting in and out of London, especially to the O2 Arena and the price of parking in London!

Tom then starts a debate on whether David Guetta is right to make a song called 'Shot Me Down' less than 10 years since the Audio Bullys' 'Shot You Down' took the charts by storm and was featured on the soundtrack to 'Kill Bill'. This leads Tom to showcase his amazing 'talent' for song writing, in the vein of Mr Guetta.

Morrissey drops by to read another extract of his Autobiography and has a chat with Ant (Tom stays strangely quiet!) about the allegations made against him by Piers Morgan.

Ant closes out the show with a couple of sad news articles followed by a less sad one from Norway where a 10-year-old boy crashed his parent's car and claimed to police officers that he was a dwarf who'd left his driving licence at home, which is absolute genius!

Here's the link to the full speech Ellen Page gave at the Human

Rights Campaign conference in Las Vegas earlier this week:

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