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Anywhere But Here Podcast 43 – Hoaxes, Hanging Santas & Hope for the World

In this post-ABCs episode Ant and Tom return to the loose format of old. They cover such topics as why podcasts by Americans are more entertaining to listen to for British people, why Santa is hanging from the ramparts of Rochester castle, how some other people out there have dealt with 'tech support scammers', the budget of the Christmas advert form John Lewis and whether or not they totally ripped off the plot of a children's book and why a Russian man nailed his own nuts to the cobble stones of Red Square.

Tulisa Contostavlos makes a welcome return to the news, though not really for the reason Tom wishes. They also discuss the apparent hoax of Andy Kaufman's death and the conspiracy theories that will surely surface now that a random woman has claimed to be his 24 year old daughter... which would put her as being born five years after Kaufman's death.

They go out on the heart-warming story of a kid from San Francisco who has terminal cancer. His last wish was to be Batman, so the Make A Wish Foundation made it a reality where he was picked up in a Batmobile and whisked off to fight the Riddler and the Penguin. Brilliant!

Here's the link to the guy trolling the tech-support scammer:

This is what Tom and Jo saw hanging from Rochester castle on Friday night:

This is an article from The Metro of the Russian artist nailing his balls to the ground in Red Square:

And here is a story from The Guardian which features photos and videos of the little boy who wanted to be Batman for the day:

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