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Anywhere But Here Podcast 113: The Good, The Bad & @TheHutchBunny

There's a change to the format on this week's episode of Anywhere But Here thanks to a news story sent in by Chris Osbourne (@ozzit on Twitter) about a woman, Emma Purnell, from Worcester who is raising awareness on how to look after pet rabbits as most people don't have the proper information on how to keep them. She is doing this by spending the weekend dressed in a rabbit onesie in a hutch slightly too small for her to stand or move around in.

This prompted Ant and Tom to contact her and the resulting interview is both informative and funny, she has even had some interest from national news papers. If you learned something from Emma please go to her MyDonate page to give some money, if you can.

In other news, Tom has secured a new job in the editorial field, finally his degree has paid off after seven years! Ant has also had some positive news as he was chosen - and paid - to edit a podcast for an entrepreneurial company and will be used by them again in the future.

It wouldn't be an Anywhere But Here episode without something gross or obscene and after the unrelenting positivity of this episode Ant reads a story about a woman who got so drunk on an aeroplane that she started to perform a sex act on herself. There's also something worse that happened on a flight to Dubai that made the plane turn around and come back. Find out what that was by listening all the way to the end.

We apologise to Emma and our listeners for tacking these horrible stories to the end of what was a fairly nice and professional sounding show!

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