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Anywhere But Here Podcast 106: Bronze Bum ‘oles

Many topics are covered on this weeks episode including The Superbowl and how weird it is to have a team representing a city versus a team that represents a collection of small states in a show that is mainly advertising interspersed with some sport. In other sporting news, Andy Murray's fiancée - Kim Sears - got into trouble at the Australian open leading her to wear a 'Parental Advisory' logo top to today's final, which is a dead heat at the time of going to print. COME ON ANDY! We weren't really taking the piss... honest.

Tom talks about seeing two films in one day at the cinema this week: Whiplash and Ex-Machina and how the girl at the counter called him out on being the type that would watch two films in one day. Ant has watch Chicago and gives his view on the musical.

Blink-182 have been in the news for all the wrong reasons this week, with all three members behaving like children in a playground fight rather than the middle-aged men they are. Ant and Tom discuss the differences between they way Blink-182 are seen as opposed to the way other acts like Green Day have managed their career and whether or not any of them are really relevant any more.

Snow has been a hot topic across Britain this week and has affected both Ant and Tom on their commutes to and from work, but not as much as it's affected some of our American friends. The royals have been blasted for not getting involved with the pardoning of over 49,000 gay people charged for being practicing homosexuals in the early part of last century, even though William and Kate said no such thing.

Finally, a new craze may be about to sweep the world: getting your anus made into a bronze statue. Watch the full clip below to see it in all it's glory. Thanks to @ozzit for posting it to us! It's NSFW, so be mindful where you're watching.

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