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Anywhere But Here 107: #ThankYouMichael

This week on the Anywhere But Here Podcast, Ant and Tom talk about a range of topics including the sad passing of Monty Oum, the creator or RWBY and how this has inspired Ant to take up design again.

A mummified Buddhist monk has been uncovered and saved from the black market, some Buddhists are claiming that the 200 year old monk could still be alive, and that he is still meditating, attempting to reach Nirvana. Which raises the question: How long do you have to meditate?!

Naughty children in Atlanta are being punished in a new way - by being given male-pattern-baldness haircuts and apparently it works. Though, is this a good way to discipline a child or not? Join in the debate!

We are joined by Michael from the Nerd Church Podcast for the last half of the show as he is in Dublin for a couple of weeks. We learn a lot about American history, the differences between scones and Guinness in the UK and the US and the similarities in the McDonalds. We're safe though, because America never goes to war with a country with The Golden Arches.

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